Forensic Science Services for the Defence & Prosecution

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Expert Witness service for Court

Forensics UK is a privately owned company that provides Forensic Science services to support the Criminal Justice system.  Whether you are a Defence Solicitor or Barrister requiring forensic science expertise to help your client, a police service requiring support for your investigation, or an insurance company investigating a possible fraud, Our forensic investigators can provide the forensic expertise you need.

From Crime Scene to Court

Forensics UK forensic scientists are ex-Forensic Science Service (FSS) scientists who have extensive experience of major crime and volume crime casework; involving investigating crime scenes, laboratory examination of evidence, providing full CJA Statements and giving expert testimony in Magistrates, Crown and Coroner’s Courts.  Forensics UK has expertise in a wide range of evidence types including Fire Investigation, Marks & Traces and DNA/Body Fluids – for the full range of evidence types see the “Services” tab above.

We are the forensic investigators and consultants in UK for defence. Forensic investigators is a privately-owned company that provides Forensic science services to support the Criminal Justice System. Forensic Science consultants for the Defence & Prosecution.